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It is possible to learn how to prevent a panic attack?

Panic anxiety can be cured within 4-6 sessions. With Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy, you will learn what to do, how to think and how to behave in order to stop the sudden strong fear and anxiety.

I teach clients how their brain works and how to get away from reacting to catastrophic thoughts. My clients are very happy they can be cured so fast.

A panic attack is a sudden physiological trigger that can be perceived as occurring from nowhere. But the attack often occurs during stress, in a phobic situation, and/or your body is in a bad shape, fatigue, maybe a hangover, menstruation, problems at work. Your body is very sensitive and reacts physically with a heightened pulse rate, trouble breathing, chest pain, feeling warm, sweating, shaking feelings in legs and arms, and with the physical symptoms, you feel a lot of psychological symptoms.

Maybe you think you are going crazy or dying, you want to quit. You run out of your car, you run away because it's very uncomfortable because it reminds you of a real heart attack.

The typically imagined dangers are: - When pulse rate gets high: I'm going to die, I'm going to have a heart attack; - When breathing problems: I will stop breathing, will choke, I will suffocate; - When faint feelings come: I'm going to go unconscious, lose control over myself!

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