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How to cure social phobia

Anxiety and fear are the conscious aspects of our body's ongoing appraisal of danger. They can be triggered by countless conscious or subconscious cues and they then are shaping your thoughts, behavior and feelings in a negative way. Up to 12 % of us experience social anxiety at some point that significantly impacts our functioning.

Social phobia is when you are afraid of speaking and acting in front of other people, so you often avoid these situations. And the behavior, of avoidance, can be the main reason for the persistence of your social fears.

A person with social phobia often develops specific negative assumptions about themself and their social world. These assumptions lead them to appraise different social situations as "danger". They predict that they will fail in achieving their desired level of performance. And they often interpret benign or ambiguous social cues as signs of negative evaluation by others.

Once a social situation is appraised in this way the social phobic person becomes anxious. A key factor is the shifting of the focus of attention, when they think they are in "danger" they shift their attention to detailed monitoring and observation of themselves. Then this internal information makes them trapped in a system where most evidence/ facts become ignored. Social phobic persons interpret external social events in an excessively negative way.

Do you recognize yourself in the above mentioned description, please do not hesitate to contact us! You can be helped.

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