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How to cure a depression with CBT-psychotherapy?

When you have negative thoughts about yourself (self-criticism), about the world (general negativity) and about your future, feeling and thinking it’s hopeless, then you probably have depression.

People who are depressed think negative thoughts about themselves, like "I'm worthless, I am no good". These thoughts are damaging because they contribute to low self-esteem, low self-confidence, relationship problems and they impede with your willingness to do things to help yourself feel better.

People who are depressed usually have very negative thoughts about the world, called: general negativity. They think about their current experiences in mostly negative ways. People interpret and misinterpret events that occur around us.

When we are depressed we often perceive others as negative, mean or critical. Negative thinking about the world is a style of thinking in which we notice and remember most negative aspects of our experiences, more vividly, than positive or neutral events. When we are depressed we tend to look at and remember negative aspects of the world more.

When we are depressed we imagine that the future will be completely negative. This prediction causes something called: hopelessness. A negative attitude about the future can be " I will never get out of this depression".

Depressed people tend to notice and remember negative aspects of their experiences more than positive or neutral aspects. They are also more likely to interpret their lives with a negative bias, while non-depressed people interpret events with a positive bias.

The central goal of Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy for depression is to teach clients how to test negative thoughts by reviewing all the information in their lives: positive and neutral. Cognitive psychotherapy will teach them how to think in a more adaptive way to reduce their depressive symptoms.

The best results for a depressed client is to combine SSRI- serotonin heightening medication with cognitive behavioural psychotherapy. A depression can then be cured within 10 sessions of CBT-psychotherapy.

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