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Expert for Swedish police officers, Swat-team and dignitary protection teams

I started working as a psychology expert with Swedish police officers,1990 helping the Government to choose the right police officers for the first SWAT- team (Special Weapons and Attack Team) in Sweden 1990.

When I was the head of the mental preparedness training for Dignitary Protection team and the Security police ( Säpo). My work was to educate and train those police officers in how to handle unknown situations, to protect them from severe stress reactions and teach them debriefing techniques. To help them stay mentally and physically fit; before, during and after their operations.

For 10 years I also worked at United Nations Police Officers Course, called "UNPOC" in Stockholm, educating police officers coming to Sweden from all around the world for 2-3 weeks of special education. My subject was called "mental preparedness training, stress management and debriefing techniques" during one whole day.

Because of my professional work at "UNPOC", I was invited by United Nations Head Quarter to do 2 fact-finding trips during the war in Kosovo 1999, and after the war had ended, in 2004. During these fact-finding trips, a travelled round in Kosovo and interviewed police officers working for UN about their stress experiences.

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