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Experiences on the island, Aruba

In my experience of meeting and working with Aruban, Dutch and American clients, I’ve noticed that they have the same psychological problems as we have in Europe and United States.

The most common problems I have cured on Aruba are: anxiety problems (like panic-anxiety or generalized anxiety), social phobias and depressions. I also have had clients who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for many years back and they will get a specific therapy method called "EMDR". After 2-5 sessions, the emotional impact on the client is gone.

I have a good relationship with doctors on the island so I often ask them for a second opinion for medication if I think it's needed. Some doctors on Aruba have a hard time believing that my and their clients can be cured so fast with cognitive behavioral psychotherapy! But it's true! I have over 35 years of experience being an expert in this kind of psychotherapy.

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