Why did Dr. Eva fall in love with Aruba?

I came to Aruba the first time in november 2004. I had been in the Caribbean before

on Grand Bahama Island, which I liked but this time I wanted to see another Caribbean island. I was going to finish writing my second relationships oriented book so one night I was looking at my youngest sons lamp that was looking like a ”globe” and there I saw a tiny little island, called Aruba!

Next day I went to a travel agency in Stockholm and asked them if it was possible to

go to Aruba and they said ”Of course, you can travel to Aruba by KLM everyday”!

So I arrived in the beginning of november checking in at Divi Tamarijn resort. And I immediately fell in love with Aruba! The ocean, the sand, the Druif beach, the people and the nature!

I finished my book in 8 days and I had

time during breaks in my writing to explore the island. I biked everyday whole way to Nordic Lighthouse. I walked downtown and I took the bus to the south part of Aruba; Baby Beach. When I finally left Aruba I felt I was in deep love with Your beautiful island and I promised myself to get back as soon as possible!

My new book sold out in Sweden and Finland and the title was: ”Are You married to a

psychopath? About dangerous and seductive love”.

So I came back to Aruba next year and stayed at the same resort, writing another

best seller with the name: ”Why do I always choose the wrong partner? About women

and men's love-relations"

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