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Meet the new clinic on Aruba!


My name is Dr Eva Rusz and I have just recently opened the first psychotherapy clinic on Aruba!

I am from Sweden and I've been working as a clinical psychologist and cognitive behavioural psychotherapist since more than 35 years.

I had one big clinic in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, with a very good reputation.

I decided to close my Swedish clinic when I moved to Aruba some years ago.

The name of my Swedish clinic was” Kogntiva Mottagningen Sportpalatset” located very central in the capital.

Since january 2017 I have opened my clinic in Aruba, located close to the airport, between Wayaca and Sero Biento. The clinic is located in the ”Monte Verde Residence 55”. I also have an Aruban N.V.

You are very welcome to contact me and schedule your first session.

You don't need a referral from your house doctor to come to me, I'm used to figure out what diagnosis you have because I need to know that before we start the counseling and psychotherapy.

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