Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the few forms of psychotherapy that has been

scientifically tested and found to be effective in hundreds of clinical trials for many different disorders. There is no shame in getting help. See what we can help you with. 

 your Fears & doubts

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Would you like to...

... Overcome Your daily negative, 
    catastrophic thoughts and feelings? 

... To get rid of Your depressed mood?

... Overcome those strong fears and
   worries that prevent you from living an harmonious life? 

... Improve Your self confidence in important situations?

... Overcome compulsive gambling?

... Finally gain control of Your weight 

... Overcome a traumatic event that still has a great impact on you?

Because now for the first time on Aruba, you can get professional help from one of the best cognitive behavioral psychotherapists & psychologist in Europe. 


Psychology Aruba is registered at AZV and is available for AZV+ clients free of charge. Please contact your general practitioner / family doctor for a referral.  

Private Clients

Do not have AZV+, no problem. Make an appointment with us directly by clicking on the link below. We are open for anyone looking for help.